Monday, February 27, 2012

Get Carter

There's been a real dogpile going on in the industry press for the past few weeks vis-a-vis Disney's upcoming John Carter, a big budget epic starring Friday Night Lights' Taylor Kitsch as the legendary space hero created by Tarzan's Edgar Rice Burroughs. And indeed, if the budget projections are true, then there's an ungodly amount of money on the line for a property very few people have heard of, starring an actor even fewer people know. But while this may well shape up to be a bit of a boondoggle for the Mouse House, that doesn't make me any less excited for the pic (which opens a week from Friday).

Unfortunately, the job of promoting the movie -- directed by Andrew Stanton, who helmed the superlative Pixar film Wall-E -- hasn't been helped much by the trailers, which do a nice job showcasing the project's scope, but do nothing to appeal to those not already versed in the intricacies of Burroughs, and the non-descriptive title, which removed "...of Mars" from after the character's name when focus grouping deemed it a tough sell. Needless to say, this one has its work cut out for it, but as this fan-made trailer put together by The John Carter Files shows, there's a compelling story in here that has real potential.

And if that still doesn't have you convinced, Erik Kain over at Forbes has posted a handy list of the five top reasons you should really fight back your prejudices and give John Carter a watch.

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