Friday, January 27, 2012

Recommended Reading

I encountered a technical hiccup in Bloggerville that's going to push Nostalgia Theater to tomorrow from its usual Friday berth, but don't worry, it's a good'n that'll be worth the wait. In the meantime, check out this piece from Robert Reich echoing my own concerns that folks on the left are being a bit presumptuous in thinking that Newt Gingrich getting the Republican nomination would mean President Obama wins re-election in a walk. Says he:
Even if the odds that Gingrich as GOP presidential candidate would win the general election are 10 percent, that’s too much of a risk to the nation. No responsible American should accept a 10 percent risk of a President Gingrich. 
Couldn't agree more. Read the rest here.

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J.R. LeMar said...

Yes, I agree completely, and have said that since the beginning of the campaign series last year, when folks were talking about Palin getting in, or hoping that Bachmann or Santorum would win.

I know there's a line of thought among many liberals that it's better for President Obama if the GOP nominates some extreme Far Right candidate, because that will turn off the moderates and independents, and make it easier for the President to win. But I'd rather not take that chance.

Remember, in 2000, more Americans voted for Al Gore, yet George W. Bush is the one that got sworn in. And with the various shenanigans that the GOP are pulling in several states, with new photo laws, requiring ID, restricting absentee ballots, trying to stop college students from being able to vote in the states they go to college in, etc. Anything can happen.

All it takes is for enough Obama supporters (you know, the ones who are disappointed that he's not the Extreme Radical Liberal that they convinced themselves that he was 4 years go, and are mad that he hasn't brought Peace On Earth already) to sit this one out, and for the GOP base to be motivated to get to the polls, and we could very well get a Republican President next year. I don't want even a single voter to have the option of selecting Gingrich (or Santorum) in Nov. I'd rather take my chances with Romney. @ least the worse you can say about him is that he's a flip-flopper who will say whatever he has to in order to get elected, but Gingrich is madman.