Thursday, January 19, 2012

PACs Americana

We've spent plenty of space here lamenting the state of election law in the aftermath of the "Citizens United" ruling in early '10, and while many have failed to grasp the frightening extent of how financial influence on elections was unleashed by the Supreme Court, Stephen Colbert has done a brilliant job of making this point again and again, first with the formation of the Colbert SuperPAC last year, and now by handing control of said PAC to Jon Stewart (with whom he is in no way coordinating) while Colbert "explores" a presidential run in South Carolina. Watch this clip from Tuesday's Daily Show to see Stewart and Colbert push, pull, and otherwise contort the boundaries of the post-Citizens United lay of the land, demonstrating the inherent (and entirely legal!) absurdities of current election law in the process:

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