Monday, December 19, 2011

New Details, New Trailer For New Dark Knight

While dissecting the very cool teaser poster for The Dark Knight Rises last week, I noted that its image bore some resemblance to a similarly iconic comic book moment that ended with the Batman's back broken, and wondered whether that's where this movie was headed. Well, today we have what amounts to tacit confirmation of my conjecture via Bleeding Cool, conveying the word of one "well tried and certainly trusted individual" purporting to have the inside scoop:
...we’ve been told – amongst a few other things that we hope to make sense of and share in the near future – that The Dark Knight Rises gives Bane the opportunity to break Batman’s back...Our source cracked wise about the various “rumours” surrounding Bane in the film, expressing some amount of disbelief that people thought the back-breaking might, somehow, not be featured.
Time will only tell if this is smoke and fire, or smoke and mirrors. In the meantime though, check out the first full trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, which gives us our first sense of the ideological conflict that pulls the Batman back into the center of the action after several years in exile (Hi, Anne Hathaway!), as well offering a sense of the size and scope of what's planned for this trilogy's last at-Bat. This was a pleasant surprise in front of Mission: Impossible last week, and I'm sure you'll agree that it does its job well:


Abu Ibrahim said...

OMG. The nerd in me is going bananas.

I saw another trailer that included Robin Williams as Dr. Hugo Strange.

This trailer showed a quick glimpse of Joseph Gordon Levitt and I thought perhaps they were going to introduce him as Robin (a very corny move in my opinion).

But I looked it up on wikipedia (research for lazy people) and it says he's just playing a cop.

Still, I wouldn't mind a little hint that Robin was in the mix even if they don't actually put him in the movie.

Like how they hinted towards Joker at the end of Batman Begins.

Zaki said...

It seems that both Nolan and Bale have made clear that this version of Batman is a Robin-free zone. I suppose that's just going to have to wait until whatever the next iteration of Batman is to hit the big screen.