Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Captain Power Comes to DVD

Last April, I posted a Nostalgia Theater entry wherein I waxed fondly about a piece of forgotten '80s kidvid called Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, and mentioned that an official release appeared to be in the offing sometime soon (with the news breaking almost immediately after I dropped twenty-five bucks on a bootleg. There's a lesson in there somewhere....)

Anyway, that day is now upon us, with today marking the DVD debut of the series in a spiffy set with a barrel full of of all-new features. Aside from the show finally getting its due in platter form, it's been especially cool for me to see the wave of renewed attention and reminiscences it's prompted, such as this piece by Zach Smith that echoes so many of my thoughts about the show and its era. Says he:
As a kid, Captain Power was one of the thousand cuts of weirdness that doomed me to become whatever the hell it is I am today. It brought home themes of darkness and struggle to the formerly-happy world of children’s entertainment, and offered the idea that perhaps being a good guy wasn’t so much about some vague conception of “good,” but about doing the right thing when the odds against you were overwhelming.
Bottom line, this is a great series that deserves a fresh look (or, likely for most, a first look). While there have been stirrings for many years now about some kind of reboot/revival/whatever, those rarely amount to much, but I hope this release can help make that happen.

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