Monday, December 12, 2011

Broken Bat

Things were quiet for awhile, but the promo machine has now begun to gear up for The Dark Knight Rises, as we start the countdown clock for its highly-anticipated release next summer. There's this week's release of the film's prologue in front of select IMAX screenings of the new Mission: Impossible movie, and there's also the new, very sweet teaser poster showcasing lead baddie Bane, played by Tom Hardy.
(Click the pic for a crazy big version)

In addition to being an effective, iconic image in its own right, the poster also gets some mileage by calling back to a signature moment from Bane's debut storyline, the early-'90s Knightfall epic, wherein the brilliant, steroid-enhanced villain orchestrated a weeks-long psychological and physical campaign against Batman that culminated in his breaking the hero's back (he got better, natch). Not sure if that's where Christopher Nolan is going with this trilogy-capper, but it sure does evoke that same imagery, as seen below.
Given the dregs the previous run of Batman movies plumbed, I'm exceedingly disappointed to see this run of Bat-flicks ending, and a little worried about where the franchise will go next. Still, Nolan sure has the wind at his back for this one, and if the consistency of his output is any kind of guide, I'm confident he'll close things out strong. As an aside, has it really already been six years since Batman Begins?

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