Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fowl Play

A few days ago, anti-Muslim nutbar Pamela Geller blazed a new trail in her never-ending battle against truth, justice, and the American way by assailing the Butterball company's complicity in "stealth jihad" for selling halal-certified turkeys (prepared according to Islamic standards) just in time for Thanksgiving (duh-duh-DAH). Muslims: Conquering America one turkey at a time.

In the spirit of the day though, I really am thankful for people like Geller who are so out-and-proud with their stupidity, because they offer an immediate gut-check for all the rest of us over here in "Sane-ville" to know how not to be. And that can't help but be a good thing. So keep on truckin', Pam! Anyway, check out Geller's lunatic screed for all the unintentional hilarity, then read Wajahat Ali's response for humor of the intentional variety.


mezba said...

What I don't understand is if it's halal, why don't they advertise it? That way we Muslims can buy it!

Zaki said...

Seriously, this is the first I heard of it too!