Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shopping Maul

Following up on Friday's post wherein I questioned the wisdom behind re-releasing the much-reviled Star Wars: Episode I to theaters in spiffy new 3D, Topless Robot has their own take on the decision making process that led to Team Lucas deciding on that poster (with its image of a very tired Yoda -- above -- summing up what I think we all felt when we heard about this). Here's a taste:
Lucasfilm Marketing Executive: Our research team indicates everyone hates The Phantom Menace.
George Lucas: Really?
Lucasfilm Marketing Executive: Very much so.
George Lucas: I had no idea.
Lucasfilm Marketing Executive: ...really?
George Lucas: What don't they like?
Lucasfilm Marketing Executive: Everything, really. Jar Jar. The story. Jake Lloyd. The borderline racist aliens. Natalie Portman macking on a 10-year-old. "Yippee." Jar Jar. Anakin building C-3PO for no reason whatsoever. Midichlorians. All the dull political bullshit. Jar Jar. T--
George Lucas: I think you said Jar Jar a couple of times already.
Lucasfilm Marketing Executive: People really don't like Jar Jar.
For the rest, jump over here. Very, very funny.

On a related tangent, I did a little impromptu market research yesterday and spoke with my nephew, who's twelve now, and he has absolutely no problem with either Jar Jar in particular or The Phantom Menace in general. Indeed, he wonders why anyone would. So maybe this really is a generational divide.

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