Friday, October 14, 2011

George Lucas to Fans: You're Welcome.

Courtesy of Bleeding Cool, here's the release poster for next year's theatrical reissue of Star Wars: Episode I -- now in 3D! -- which seems like more of a threat than a promise, and serves as further proof that George Lucas is playing some kind of elaborate "screw you" mind game with his Star Wars faithful. How else to explain a re-release no one was asking for of a movie no one likes in a format no one wants to pay for? Also, given the stated plan to put these things out in number order at a rate of one-a-year (assuming they get a box office reception that even warrants it), it'll be 2015 before we'd even get to the good stuff, and who knows how many more changes Lucas will have made to the original flicks by then.

And for even more Lucas craziness, jump over to Topless Robot and read their take on the goofy plans now in motion to revive deceased Phantom Menace baddie Darth Maul via the Clone Wars TV show.

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