Friday, September 02, 2011

Putting Victims First

This week brought the news that Law & Order brand, having already migrated across the Atlantic for its very-successful UK iteration, has now landed in South Africa, where a Law & Order: Capetown is being readied for a 2012 debut -- definitely curious to see how that one turns out. But while the brand is branching out in all directions across the globe, stateside it's still all about Special Victims Unit, which now has to not only hold up the flag for the whole franchise, but also keep the lights on past this season while weathering the loss of one of its signature stars. That's no easy task, and it's the mess that writer/producer Warren Leight unknowingly wandered into when he signed on to become SVU's new showrunner late last season. In a far-ranging interview with TV Guide, Leight (who also guided Criminal Intent through some of its best seasons) discusses his plans to deal with Elliot Stabler's absence, what's next for Olivia Benson, and how he hopes to keep the series going well past year thirteen.

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