Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Great Right Dopes

Last Thursday saw yet another in the seemingly ever-flowing stream of GOP presidential debates, which have drawn more attention lately for the belligerent, Rorschach-like reactions from their audiences than for the shenanigans of the contenders. From cheering Rick Perry's tally of executions in Texas to being very okay with the notion of letting a patient die due to lack of health coverage to booing a gay soldier currently serving in Iraq, the fact that these vocalizations are so freely elicited provides a very instructive window into the mindset driving the current model Republican voter.

So driven by blind ideology are they that all notions of decorum have been left by the wayside, making reactions like the above somehow acceptable. Now, this is hardly a new phenomeon, as we saw its roots first branch out during the latter days of the McCain/Palin campaign in '08. But thanks to regular doses of sunshine and water via three years of hateful invective from politicians desperate to assure electoral victories, we're seeing this hate now boiled down to its purest form, all but assuring that the '12 presidential content will be an exceptionally nasty one.

Digging into last week's debate on  The Daily Show, and specifically the perceived implosion of presumed frontrunner Perry after a series of unforced errors severely damaged his "electability" index, Jon Stewart points to the continuing desire on the part of GOP voters for that longed-for "dream candidate" (now being manifested in a last ditch "Draft Chris Christie" campaign -- which is already doomed to fail) as an indication that as far as the Republican base is concerned, to paraphrase the Bard, the fault may not lie in their stars, but rather within themselves

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