Sunday, September 04, 2011

Fearing Sharia

We've spoken at length on this site about the coordinated, concerted effort by a marginal few to sow fear and distrust of both Islam and Muslims, with the convenient target of Sharia -- Islamic religious law -- serving as a readymade boogieman upon which this cadre of bigots and enablers can project their hate. This is being manifest by several anti-Sharia measures wending their way through legislatures across the country that would, in effect, make it illegal to be Muslim in America ("No," the laws' proponents will no doubt argue, "only if you practice Islam!").

Now, while I think these measures are somewhat alarming, I also think they'll ultimately fail. It's been my experience in the past that windbags like this usually blow so hard that they eventually bluster themselves out. Still, it's always helpful to get a clear sense of what it is, precisely, that the anti-Muslim crowd (and yes, that's what these people are) rail against, and to that end, here's Yale Religious Studies professor Eliyahu Stern to lay out why we have nothing to fear from Sharia in America, creeping or otherwise.

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