Sunday, September 18, 2011


Last time we talked Star Wars here was when I commented on the friggin' God-awful box art for the "Complete Saga" blu-ray set containing all six flicks. Well, ghastly though it is, that didn't stop me from locking in my pre-order, and the discs arrived this past Friday. Of course, as with all things Star Wars these days, while there's been much anticipation for the seminal series to finally make its hi-def debut, there's been just as much teeth-gnashing at the constant tinkering that creator/abusive parent George Lucas has inflicted on his films over the decades (especially the original three), tweaking, nipping and tucking here, there, and everywhere, like a rhinoplasty addict armed with an unlimited budget -- remember that gem up-top?

I've said a few times that I really don't mind all the changes. Ultimately, he can do whatever the heck he wants. I just wish he'd hit "Save As" every once in awhile so we could watch the movies in their unvarnished forms too. I'm out of town right now, so I'll have to wait 'till later in the week to get a full gander at all alternations (one of which I've made my feelings plain on), but as this graphic courtesy of The Geek Twins helpfully illuminates, it's not like Lucas' tendency toward retroactive engineering started with the 1997 "Special Edition" releases and the onset of CGI technology (though that sure launched it into hyperdrive). No, it stretches right back to practically the moment the first Star Wars came to theaters (no "Episode IV" and no "A New Hope").

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