Monday, September 26, 2011

Bustin' Back in Theaters!

Not sure if this is a move to test the waters for the long-planned third Ghostbusters flick or merely a reaction to Disney's success with their Lion King re-release these past two weekends, but regardless of the whys-and-wherefores, '80s babies like me got some good news late last week with word that Sony will be re-releasing the original "Who ya gonna call?" classic to 500 screens nationwide next month for three showings on three consecutive Thursdays leading up to Halloween. Having greatly enjoyed the 25th anniversary theatrical reissue of Back to the Future at this same time last year, I have to admit that this news gets my nostalgic heart all aflutter. Yes, I've lost count of the number of times I've seen both of these movies and can practically recite them by heart (yeah, yeah, even the second one that everyone but me seems to hate...), but the chance to see the first one up on the big screen with a crowd of fellow fans is pretty tough to pass up. For more info as it unfolds, including presumably which theaters you need to hit up, click "like" on the official Ghostbusters Facebook page.

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