Saturday, August 27, 2011

Recommended Reading

Slate's Dave Weigel picks apart the Democrats' new plan to make congressional Republicans look bad by calling for an extension of the current payroll tax cuts -- which the GOP once supported but are now against (because Democrats are for it, natch). The hope, they hope, is that it'll be hard to square their obstinacy against any and all tax hikes with opposition to a tax cut. However, as Weigel explains, it'd be one thing if there's a measurable benefit from the cuts that would provide some moral lift to the Dems' "shame 'em and blame 'em" calculus, but instead it looks like more of the same tit-for-tat political brinksmanship that's characterized our politics for the last several years. If you had any doubts about how completely broken our system of governance has become, read this and have it confirmed.

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