Thursday, August 04, 2011

FIRST LOOK - Henry Cavill as Superman

With yesterday's Perry White news spelling the end of a monthlong Man of Steel dry spell around here, Warner Bros. has dropped a pretty big doozy today, providing us our first look at star Henry Cavill all duded up in his Krypton finest for the Zack Snyder's project. Honestly, given the newly-elongated wait time for this flick, I wasn't expecting anything in the way of promo shots this far out, so this is a surprise. And a pleasant one at that. 

While I'm not crazy about the pitting all over the suit, which just add a needless level of detail in my opinion, it's still a marked step-up from the Bryan Singer/Brandon Routh Superman Returns model, which looked fine from a distance, but upon closer examination got enough little things wrong in terms of color and style choices (the blue was too light, the red was too maroon, the "S" was too small, etc.) to make it seem somehow "off." 

I don't know how much synergy there is between the different WB divisions, but it sure looks like this owes at least a little bit to the new Jim Lee-designed Superman suit (described as Kryptonian ceremonial armor) for the DC Comics reboot (or maybe it's vice versa), including what appears to be an absence of the traditional red trunks, and a very dark navy blue. Overall, I like the suit, especially the larger chest emblem and the flowing cape, and I think Cavill looks good. So far, so good!

(For a super-embiggened version of this pic, click over here, courtesy of Newsarama.)

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