Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Unseen Super 8 Posters

While I  wasn't as big a fan of Super 8 last month as I hoped I'd be going in, one thing I did appreciate was the clear passion that director JJ Abrams invested into recapturing the feel and tone of a simpler era of cinema, one that marks a cultural touchstone for so many of us. That feeling of trying to revisit an earlier time was also reflected in the deceptively simple marketing campaign as well, and several different schemas were mulled over before the campaign was finalized.

Chicago-based filmmaker and artist Daniel Skubal was one of the folks (along with his partner Veronica LaPage) who was tasked by Abrams' Bad Robot Productions to come up with some different poster designs (one of which you can see to the right), and while the production ultimately went in a different direction, Daniel's reflection on his Super 8 experience still makes for a fascinating read. Click over to his blog for the full skinny, as well as a look at more of the designs they came up with.

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