Wednesday, July 20, 2011

First Webs

Following on from last Friday's post, and no doubt in response to a shaky-cam, bootleg version that briefly hit the 'net early in the week, Sony has released the first teaser trailer for next summer's The Amazing Spider-Man. It looks fine for what it is, with Andrew Garfield in particular standing out as really a great choice for the title character. But given the narrative terrain covered here -- different, but not too different from what we've already seen fairly recently -- I'm still not seeing the pressing need for this revamp. Unlike Batman and Bond, neither of whom had an in-depth on-screen origin until their respective '05 and '06 reboots, Spider-Man's beginnings were pretty well covered already by Sam Raimi back in 2002.

Not to say the Raimi version is so sacrosanct that it can't ever be overwritten -- quite the contrary, in fact, as the extant Spider-trilogy can't help but seem a bit quaint compared to the current crop of Marvel movies that it helped to usher in -- but I'd have preferred this franchise go the Bond route (well, the pre-Craig Bond route) and just dive in with new adventures rather than keep doing the same superhero origin stuff that the genre has practically worn down to its nubs lately thanks to stuff like Green Lantern. Anyway, check the teaser below and see if you agree or disagree:

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