Friday, July 08, 2011

Feeling the Ceiling

Former Reagan adviser Bruce Bartlett lays out many of the truths and debunks most the untruths surrounding the debt limit debate. Someone reading my post on this subject yesterday said that I was taking an extreme partisan position on this issue, which I really don't think I am, and Bartlett's list nicely underscores its seriousness to me, as well as the foolishness of those who are turning it into a partisan battleground.

The only downside is that his fifth item, the option for the executive branch to override congressional debt restrictions by way of constitutional fiat, has been taken off the table by the White House itself, which -- agree or disagree with the underlying presumption -- just strikes me as a really bad bargaining posture to assume as you head into a tense round of negotiations (but then, this is an administration that's become quite practiced in emptying its own quiver ahead of time).

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