Friday, July 22, 2011

Early Risers

I'm hoping to have the first in a series of Planet of the Apes retro reviews up sometime this weekend, with my Captain America review shortly thereafter, but with two weeks and counting until Rise of the Planet of the Apes launches, I thought it'd be nice to whet your appetite with the clips that Fox has been ladling out in rapid succession this past week. As has been obvious from the beginning, the studio is laying much of the onus for success on the special effects technology, with Caesar performer Andy Serkis already being talked up for high honors and star James Franco notably backburnered (not altogether surprising, given how he managed to make himself radioactive in the last six months). I've placed the clips after the jump because, as usual with this movie, they're sort of giving away the store. So if you want to remain blissfully unspoiled you'd do well to avert your gaze.

First up, here's a scene that shows the chemistry between Serkis and Franco, as well as John Lithgow as Franco's Alzeimer's-stricken father. The range of emotions they've been able to capture digitally is really quite astonishing:

Next up, we see how the Conquest begins, along with Caesar giving ol' Brian Cox the stink eye:

And lastly, here's the sizzle reel the studio put together for this weekend's San Diego Comic Con, which gives a sense of the havoc that ensues once the ape-pocalypse begins in earnest:

More Apes soon!

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