Monday, July 18, 2011

The Dark Knight Teases

The ultimate Christopher Nolan Batman epic, The Dark Knight Rises, isn't due to hit theaters until next summer, but it's never too early to get the word out if you're Warner Brothers, and so we have our first hit at the pipe courtesy of this teaser that debuted last weekend in front of the (also) ultimate Harry Potter. As far as trailers go, it's pretty "meh" in terms of establishing the story or stars, with mostly repurposed footage from the previous two flicks woven throughout, but the rare new stuff includes Gary Oldman's Jim Gordon hospitialized (dying?), and a first peek at the villainous Bane, played by Tom Hardy. But let's be honest here, given the level of anticipation folks have for this, the Warner team could have a static image of "Chris Nolan's Batman 3 -- Summer 2012" written in crayon over a Bat-symbol for ninety seconds, call it a teaser trailer, and audiences would still line up in droves, so we should probably just be grateful for whatever scraps we get. Don't worry, there'll be plenty to see and discuss between now and when the movie debuts.

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