Friday, July 15, 2011

Brazen Cain

Sometimes I have to seek out content to post here, and other times it just sort of falls in my lap. To wit: one of my favorite punching bags, anti-Muslim presidential candidate Herman Cain (Republican, natch) recently visited the town of Murfreesboro, TN, which has itself earned top marks in Islamophobic bigotry recently thanks to a group of folks protesting the construction of a mosque (as detailed here, here, and here). So what do you think happened when Herman was asked about said mosque? Predictably enough, it went a little something like this (via the AP):
“It is an infringement and an abuse of our freedom of religion,” he said. “And I don’t agree with what’s happening, because this isn’t an innocent mosque.”
Without even getting into his "not an innocent mosque" non sequitur, tossed out without any proof or evidence, how is a group of Muslims building a house to pray in, which would strike anyone else as a confirmation of our country's religious freedom, actually an abuse of that religious freedom? See if you can figure that one out and get back to me. Oh, but it didn't end there, because Cain also dropped this nugget:
“This is just another way to try to gradually sneak Shariah law into our laws, and I absolutely object to that.”
We've already picked apart the subject of Sharia law ad infinitum here, so I don't want to go over that yet again, but seriously, what is he even talking about here? It's like he was handed a list of right wing anti-Muslim talking points and committed them to memory without understanding entirely what they mean. But then, as if to place the comical cherry atop the whipped cream of hilarity that was Cain's visit, comes this comment from one of the mouth-breathers who attended the event:
“He wants to define who are our enemies right now, and who are our allies,” he said. “Morally, he’s not afraid to say he’s a Christian. He’s not trying to force it down people’s throats, and I appreciate that. And he’s not afraid to say who he is.”
Well, he's saying who he is alright. Can't argue there.

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