Thursday, July 14, 2011

Before the Rise

The blogging's been a bit light this week as I've been trying to get various commitments attended to, but keeping to my promise on Saturday of lots of impending Planet of the Apes content, check out this Rise of the Planet of the Apes online comic that serves as a prequel to the film (which is itself a prequel, so I guess that makes this a pre-prequel). The comic will unfold in serialized form every Wednesday and presumably conclude just before the movie opens. As an FYI, this was put together by the good folks at BOOM! Studios, who've been doing a bang-up job for several months now on their ongoing Planet of the Apes comic series, which serves as a (wait for it) prequel to the original 1968 movie. Having read more than a few Apes comics during the last few decades, I can say with a certain amount of authority that this is one of the better ones. Read the online prequel here, and check out the rest of BOOM!'s Apes wares here.

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