Monday, June 13, 2011

On Reboots and Lawsuits

Two weeks ago, I had a brief post on the ongoing legal battle between DC/Warners and the heirs of Superman creator Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster over the respective parties' future copyright interest in the Man of Steel. A few days later, I offered a lengthy reaction to the announcement by DC Comics that they intend to reboot and relaunch their line of superhero comics this September with spankin' new #1 issues across the board (that's the cover to the brand new Action Comics #1 to the right, by the way). It occurred to me at the time that these two seemingly-unrelated events may have more than just a cursory connection to one another, and my friend Keith Howell (who also reviews comics every week over at AICN under the nom de plume of "Professor Challenger") has done the diligence of diving headfirst into the swamp of legalese that is the Superman lawsuit. What he's come up with sheds a great deal of light not only on the many maneuvers that DC has made up to this point to tip the scales in their favor, but also how the Great DC Reboot of 2011 marks the latest -- perhaps most desperate -- volley in that fight. It all makes for a fascinating read that anyone with an interest in these stories would do well to check out.

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