Thursday, June 09, 2011

Countdown to COUNTDOWN

It's been a light week posting-wise, mainly because the Weiner-gate story has taken up so much media bandwidth that they've seemingly forgotten there's a world beyond Anthony Weiner's unmentionables. I don't really have much to say there except that I used to admire Weiner, both for his candor and willingness to fight for what he believed, but he displayed a degree of stupidity so stunningly shortsighted with this whole thing that it was enough to ensure me not having much time for him going forward.

Moving to the main topic of this post, Keith Olbermann's new version of Countdown will be making its debut a week from Monday, this time under the auspices of Al Gore's Current TV venture. The nice thing for Olbermann is that this allows him to become the biggest fish in a very small pond, as opposed to the one liberal voice among many that he became during the latter days of his MSNBC tenure (as a result, one can argue, of the success he himself achieved).

I've mentioned here previously that since Olbermann left MSNBC's air I've taken to watching and enjoying Lawrence O'Donnell's Last Word, now in that same slot, and I'm genuinely curious to see whether I feel like following Olbermann over. While I'm sure I'll check out the new Countdown out of curiosity, I have a feeling I won't. Talking about his big MSNBC-Current switcheroo, and the various dealings that led up to that point, the famously-combative Olbermann spoke at length with Rolling Stone for an in-depth profile where, love him or hate him, he proves he's still the same Keith.

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