Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stewart v. O'Reilly Re: Common

Last week I posted a video of Jon Stewart going after Fox News for its apparently coordinated assault on the White House for Michelle Obama's invitation of rapper Common to a poetry event. If you're behind on this, rather than me restating the reasons various, sundry, and so, so stupid for this faux-outrage, just watch the Daily Show segment and then come back here. So, in response to this attack upon his personage (and his employer), Fox host Bill O'Reilly invited Stewart on his show last night to debate this very pressing issue.

Now personally, I think Stewart walked away with this one, but I have a feeling I would have felt that way regardless, mainly because I think this whole anti-Common meme in Right Wing World is about as ridiculous as ridiculous gets. Conversely, if you take your political worldview from Bill O'Reilly, there's probably nothing the Comedy Central host could have said to change your mind anyway. Nonetheless, it's an interesting convo all the same (as the pair's occasional tête-à-têtes usually are) and it's definitely worth a look. Part one is embedded below, and you can find part two after the jump.

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