Saturday, May 21, 2011

Green Matters

You may recall that I enjoyed the WonderCon sizzle reel for the upcoming Green Lantern film, as well as the subsequent trailer, but despite the generally positive response this new 3D trailer has garnered on the Interwebs, I actually like it a bit less, as it highlights the struggle this project has faced from the beginning: how to sell this extensive, elaborate, potentially impenetrable mythology to a crowd that doesn't already have the Green Lantern oath committed to memory. With the film's promo campaign now in full swing (I even bought my kids GL mask-and-ring sets from Toys 'R' Us yesterday), it's a tricky proposition that hinges on selling the human elements of the story first, then slowly laying in the out-there, sci-fi stuff.

In my view, the problem with this trailer is that it does the exact opposite. It drops a mountain of exposition -- all true to the comics, mind you, which is great -- on the audience right up front, then practically dares them to wade through the CGI jungle until Ryan star Reynolds shows up. I get what they're trying to do, which is to set up the epic Star Wars-ness that the property easily has the potential to tap into, but even the original Star Wars sold itself simply as the story of a "A Boy, A Girl, and a Galaxy" before it got all "midichlorians" on us. I'm still pulling for this one, but it's a real question for me whether it'll be able to expand beyond the constituencies of Green Lantern fanboys and Ryan Reynolds fangirls who'd probably be buying their tickets regardless.

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Anonymous said...

When you speak of Star Wars, A Guy a Girl and space. Zaki, we are not in Kansas anymore. That was a time far far away when there was also an entity called imgaination. That is gone with the wind, we need to have more information to make up our little minds.