Friday, April 08, 2011

Recommended Reading

On Tuesday, I linked to a piece discussing the anti-Sharia (and, by proxy, anti-Muslim) battle a-brewing in Oklahoma thanks to a ballot measure passed last year, and how it serves as a test case for similar wars in the offing across the country. While many people have looked at the sudden outbreak of such measures making their way through state legislatures with a mixture of alarm and anger, I tend to view them more for what they are: transparent attempts by ignorant politicos to kowtow to their equally ignorant base.

Now, as I've repeatedly said here, there, and everywhere, the establishment clause of the Constitution already addresses any fears of so-called "encroaching Sharia" (which are themselves misplaced -- and a misnomer, to boot). That hasn't stopped the great anti-Sharia Crusade from tromping its way across the country, though, helped along by the same old suspects we've come to expect. Salon's Justin Elliott, who's been a real journeyman in tracking the tendrils of this hysteria, looks at a similar such bill in Nebraska, and in the process unearths the who's-who behind this wave of Sharia paranoia.

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