Tuesday, April 05, 2011

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Despite much of the alarmist rhetoric out there about the big booga-booga of "creeping Sharia," I think most reasonable people understand that MTV's Jersey Shore probably represents more of a threat to our American way of life. But naturally that's not going stop anti-Muslim (and let's be clear, that's ultimately what this is about) activists from doing their thing to sow suspicion, propagate fear, and just generally try to stir up differences between us. As Slate's David Weigel explains, an anti-Sharia ballot measure passed by voters in Oklahoma last October has now become a flashpoint and proxy battleground for similar struggles by conservatives all across the country.

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Haseeb said...

The comments on the linked article are hilarious. Best one of the bunch that I read:

"It is hard for me to understand this reflexive fear of the onward march of Shariah IN OKLAHOMA. Is the local judiciary stocked with Wahabi imams and their confederates? Have the Saudis been operating a Muslim version of the Commontern in the backwaters of Oklahoma? Have the locals been misled by attempts by OU zealots to stone the Nebraska football team?"

Thank goodness for level headed people.