Sunday, April 03, 2011

Oa Snap

Call it "The Great Green Lantern Reclamation Project."

When the teaser trailer for this summer's Green Lantern feature made its debut last fall, it was greeted in both general and fanboy circles with a resounding shrug. As I said at the time, while it looked true enough to the Lantern lore as established by decades of DC Comics, there wasn't anything about it that blew my mind either. Not necessarily bad, just...meh. Well, the last thing Warners wants is for "meh" to be the watchword for their big entrĂ©e in the summer superhero shuffle, especially when Marvel is poised to dominate with a Thor-X-Men-Captain America onslaught, and especially when this project represents DC's most viable chance to stake out franchise beachhead that doesn't involve the words "Super" or "Bat,"

Clearly taking these concerns to heart, Warners and DC rolled out the full court press at this weekend's Wondercon in San Francisco to shine the best possible (lantern's) light on their fledgling franchise, and we can now consider the reclamation fully in effect. While I missed the Friday evening panel that saw stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively interact with fans and which also debuted close to ten minutes of newly-polished footage from the Martin Campbell film, by the time I hit the show on Saturday, the floor was already abuzz with the new positive vibe (a green glow, if you will), helped along by a pretty snazzy new poster (check it here) and a display of props and paraphernalia from the film.

More importantly, however, the DC booth ran an abridged version of the previous day's footage on a loop so we could see it for ourselves, and they've since gone ahead and released that footage to the web, so that everyone can see it for themselves. I've posted the embed below, but you can catch the spiffy HD version here. In addition to giving us expanded looks at Temeura Morrison's Abin Sur, who bequeathes the titular bauble to the titular hero, and Mark Strong as Sinestro, the once-noble Lantern whose name pretty much signals where his arc will go in the sequel, we also get more of a sense of how Ryan Reynolds will play the role of test pilot-turned-superhero Hal Jordan.

In short, there's more of the "everyman" quality that the film definitely needs, but less of the "Reynolds-ness" that didn't really work for me before. As a fan of the Green Lantern mythology going back to the time when I was just an itty-bitty, I'm definitely blown away by how well they've captured the expansive, epic nature of the concept, which, if done right (big "if"), can potentially leave the Star Wars prequels, with their legions of Jedi Knights, in the dust. After last fall I'd been steeling myself to write this one off, but based on what we have here, it looks like Green Lantern is back in the game. We'll find out how well it plays when it hits theaters on June 17.

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Cartoon Mo said...

The first trailer made me say meh too, but this one looks a lot better.