Friday, April 29, 2011


For as much as I liked the first Transformers flick in '07, I disliked the second one in '09, so the pressure is inordinately high on the upcoming trilogy-capper Transformers: Dark of the Moon to make me give a crap. Based on the teaser trailer that was released last December, my interest was mildly piqued, and based on the full trailer that just hit yesterday, my interest is juuuuuust slightly more piqued. Not in a "Wow, can't wait to see this! Need my ticket now! Now! Now!" but more like, "Well, I'm gonna see it anyway, so..." It doesn't look terrible (but then, neither did Revenge of the Fallen) but based on what we see here, it sure seems like the stuff that bugged me about the earlier films is still in effect: too much of a focus on the uninteresting human characters instead of the titular robots, and designs for said robots that are so busy that they're virtually impossible to get a read on visually.

While it's always a welcome sound to hear Peter Cullen's dulcet tones as the voice of Autobot leader Optimus Prime, I can't say I'm particular interested in whatever the storyline they've cooked up for this one, and there's only so much robot-on-robot rampaging I can take before it all starts looking the same, so the only hope I have is the filmmakers' claim that they learned their lesson from last time. We'll see. Oddly enough, a big thing Dark of the Moon may have going in its favor is the decision to shoot and produce (rather than post-convert it) for 3D. While the notion of seeing a Michael Bay Transformers movie in 3D makes me worry that my eyes would fizzle out in their sockets like old lightbulbs, the mechanics of the 3D process necessitate longer, sustained shots rather than Bay's usual hop-skip-jump cutting style, meaning there's a very good chance I won't feel like my head is being jerked around like a tetherball for two-plus hours. Check the trailer below, and you tell me.

(And while we're on the subject of Transformers, I want this. Not for my birthday, just because.)

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