Friday, April 22, 2011

More Mufreesboro Mosque Maneuvers

The shenanigans surrounding the mosque project in Murfreesboro, TN have continued unabated even in the face of its opponents receiving a pretty severe national shellacking via CNN's "Unwelcome" TV special a few weeks back. Far from sounding like the reasonable, concerned citizens they perceive themselves as, the special instead laid bare the passive, ingrained bigotry at the root of their actions. In their latest doomed-to-failure stratagem, the anti-mosque cohort is doing their best to show that common notions of shame and decency bounce off them like bullets off Superman's chest. In hopes of stopping the mosque's construction, the motley assortment of antis who gave such a proud face to Murfreesboro have now come up with a new argument, summed up thusly by Murfreesboro's Daily News Journal:
The case began with plaintiffs Kevin Fisher, Lisa Moore and Henry Golczynski seeking an injunction to stop the county from issuing more building permits. Their attorneys' Joe Brandon Jr. of Murfreesboro and Tom Smith of Franklin argued the future ICM building would be a Shariah training center for jihad rather than a place of worship, but Corlew by November ruled against their request and stated that "Islam is in fact a religion." 
Brandon and Smith filed new motions Tuesday arguing that all 17 plaintiffs have standing when it comes to the proposed ICM building. They contend that Fisher has standing because he's an African American Christian who'd be discriminated against and subjugated as a second-class citizen under Shariah law and be denied his civil rights; Moore has standing because she's a Jewish female who's targeted in a Muslim call to kill Jews in "jihad" in support of Palestine and as a woman whose rights would be subordinate to those of men in Shariah law; and Golczynski, who lost a son killed while serving in the U.S. Marines in a combat in Fallujah, Iraq, by insurgents pursuing jihad as dictated by Shariah law.
So, just so we're clear on this, they're preemptively suing the Murfreesboro Muslim community for the indignities they think they'll suffer (but won't) under the Sharia law they think is coming (but isn't) based on events thousands of miles away involving people they think are connected (but aren't) to the people they're suing. Well played, antis. Well played. I especially like Kevin Fisher's complaint that he'll be discriminated against in Islam because he's African-American. Apart from this just being flat-out wrong, I'm also curious to know what he'd call his actions against the Muslims in his community if not discrimination. There's Quixotic, and then there's idiotic, and it sure seems to me that this bunch is a few windmills shy of a tilt. I'm actually on pins-and-needles waiting to see what goofy argument they trot out next.

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