Friday, March 25, 2011

Wonder Shrug

In the same vein as my post from last Saturday highlighting what I feel is the essential problem with Wonder Woman, both as a character and a franchise, Graeme McMillan over at SpinOff has some helpful suggestions of his own for the in-production Wonder Woman TV pilot to increase the chances of success for the David E. Kelley production (which may or may not even make it past pilot stage).

(And, by the way, I erred in that previous post when I referred to Cary Elwes as playing the love interest in the pilot. While Elwes does indeed play a part, the "love interest" bit actually goes to actor Justin Bruening, late of '08's short-lived Knight Rider reboot, who will essay the role of Steve Trevor -- the "Lois Lane" of the Wonder Woman mythos.)

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