Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Trashing Teachers

One of the most irksome things about the budget battle that's playing out in Wisconsin, with collective bargaining rights for public employees hanging in the balance, is the way teachers and teachers' unions have been scapegoated for budgetary mismanagement that they have only a tangential role in. While, as a college instructor for several years now, I do have a pretty specific bias here, the notion that unionization has allowed educators to live high off the public till is not only erroneous, but demonstrably false across the spectrum.

Budget cuts and belt-tightening have made this struggle no less pronounced in California, where I live, as elsewhere and, if anything, things are probably worse here. It's been a disheartening trend to see education take it on the chin for the sake of "fiscal responsibility," while the corporate tax loopholes that allowed the situation to reach this point have largely gone unaddressed. Jon Stewart tackled this very topic on last night's Daily Show, and here's his take:

And click past the jump for Jon's message to teachers:

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