Saturday, March 05, 2011

Seeing Red (or: Schmidt Happens)

Entertainment Weekly posted a new interview this week with Captain America director Joe Johnston about the Marvel film's upcoming summer release, and in addition to providing some fresh insights about the film and its casting (and dropping a big hint about how the movie will lead into next year's Avengers), the article also provides us with our first clear look (as opposed to the blink-and-it's-gone glimpse in the Super Bowl spot) of the movie's main baddie: Johann Schmidt, a.k.a. The Red Skull. Played by Hugo Weaving in the film, the Skull has been around in the comics from the very beginning, serving as a walking, talking embodiment of the Nazi regime the same way Cap symbolizes the American Dream (or, for the neophyte, he's the Joker to Cap's Batman). Check out the full pic, as well as the Johnston interview, here.

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