Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nostalgia Theater: Perfect Strangers Edition

If you're already feeling old after yesterday's post on the demise of Saturday morning cartoons, this'll make you want to go and lie down. Perfect Strangers -- a much-cherished favorite from my childhood -- turned twenty-five this past Friday. That's right, having premiered in 1986, the show that immortalized the phrase "Dance of Joy," and enabled an entire generation to dismissively say, "Don't be ree-deek-ulous" is now old enough to legally rent a car all by itself. After recently re-watching the first (and -- frustratingly -- only) DVD release of the series with my kids, I was happy to find not only that it measured up quite well to my fond memories, but also that I could comfortably watch it without my finger perpetually poised over the "skip ahead" button on my remote.

While it probably lasted a season or two longer than it should have, and it may seem quaint in comparison with boundary and content-stretching comedies of today like Arrested Development or Community, what Perfect Strangers ably demonstrated at its best was the simple pleasure of watching two skilled performers with impeccable timing play off each other, and few modern comedy duos have had the easy chemistry of stars Mark Linn-Baker (scheming, urbane cousin Larry) and Bronson Pinchot (bumpkin, immigrant cousin Balki). In honor of this momentous occasion, TV Squad has a piece up celebrating the show's silver jubilee, including highlights and a "Where are they now?" But before you click over, watch this with me, and remember the days when sitcoms used to have actual honest-to-gosh theme songs:

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MooseNinja said...

For ONCE, you post something I can get on board with. =)

I go through phases throughout the year where I'll start with Season 3 (courtesy of YouTube) and just let the run of the show continue as soothing background noise while at work.

Even after repeat viewings, the show totally holds up, and I rarely get tired of the episodes. It has that unexplainable "niceness" that we've discussed before. Similar to the show "Wings" where, though it's not the best show ever written, it's just fun to tune in and hang out with the gang.

Good post, Z!