Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"A LAW & ORDER First"

The last time we talked Law & Order here was nearly two months ago, when I mentioned that the Los Angeles iteration of the brand was back in the shop for significant retooling, with original series star Alana De La Garza joining the new show. Well, April 11 has been announced as the return engagement (called the "premiere" by NBC, which sort of tells you how they want you to view the previous half-season), and this spoilerific promo makes it crystal clear that a quiet retirement isn't exactly in the cards for Det. Rex Winters (the exiting Skeet Ulrich).

The "first time in twenty years" line refers to the similar fate suffered by George Dzundza's Sgt. Max Greevey in the Mothership's second season premiere, and the "Law & Order first" refers, of course, to Alfred Molina abruptly resigning his DA post to instead assume the primary detective role. At this point we're in uncharted waters with this brand, and if they're able to pull this switcheroo off without the "network notes" seams showing, man, my hat will be off to them.

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