Sunday, March 20, 2011

Islamophobia's New MVP

And while we're spending the morning on the Islamophobia Express, I couldn't very well let this one go by without comment. Back in '99, former Saturday Night Live cast member Victoria Jackson made an appearance on the show's twenty-fifth anniversary special and plaintively asked erstwhile emcee Bill Murray, "What happened to me?" Well, anyone who's seen the sometime-actress, sometime-comedienne show up on Fox News and/or at various Tea Party events in the years since knows the question could rightly apply to more than just her career. While she's a veritable pull-string doll of nonsensical conservative/Republican talking points, it seems like her most bileous vitriol has been expressly reserved for Islam and Muslims.

To wit, her new role as columnist for the far-far-far-right WorldNetDaily, wherein she uses her stream-of-consciousness debut offering to drop various "truths" like how all Muslims support terrorism and behead their wives, and, of course, how Barack Obama is a secret Muslim. As an aside, I'm always amused when I hear from various self-proclaimed authorities who are convinced -- convinced! -- they know a religion better than the actual people who follow it. The rest of the column is the usual assortment of pre-packaged catchphrases and half-formed thoughts we'd expect, but Jackson has clearly staked her flag on a whole new beachhead of looniness. Witness such gems as:
Progressives, communists, liberals, globalists and Muslims want to destroy America. When that goal is reached, they will fight for top billing. It will be bloody.
But will it be on HBO?
No one talked about Islam when I grew up. How did they all suddenly appear in America?
Magic. What, no one told you we have magic powers?
This website says that whole "kill the infidel" thing, Sura 9:5, is misquoted, taken out of context. Really? Then why do the Muslim murderers shout "Allahu Akbar!"
Probably the same reason you have a column at WorldNetDaily, Victoria: crazy people rarely need an excuse to do or say crazy things. That's kinda why they're, y'know, crazy.

My favorite bit (and, admittedly, it's very hard to pick just one from this cornucopia of nuttiness) is probably where she dismisses a website that offers context for and explains certain controversial Qur'anic passages by instead linking to a different website that lists a whole bunch of other verses completely out of context. Bravo. And then, after proffering supposed proof of Obama's supposed Muslim-hood: "whether or not that is true doesn't matter." 'Nuff said, I guess. Oh, and she apparently hates the TV show Glee too, so God help any Muslims out there who may happen to like that.

Given the cartoon character that Jackson comes off as both here and elsewhere, I'd almost think she was doing a variation on the "dumb blonde" schtick she played to perfection during her SNL stint, perhaps as part of some elaborate "gotcha" game aimed at the Right, but if that's the case, she went Donnie Brasco a long, long time ago. Ultimately, the great thing about people like Jackson or the aforementioned Deborah Pauly so publicly giving voice to their nasty internal monologue is that they provide us with yet another glimpse at the true face of Islamophobia -- equal parts bigoted and flat-out ignorant -- for the rest of the world to see. And mock.

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