Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Death of Saturday Morning

The other day I was commenting to my wife how innovations like "Netflix Insant" and "Hulu," while making entertainment options available at the push of a button, have also taken away the simple pleasure of just waiting for things to come on. I still remember anxiously suffering through an interminable hour of The Smurfs on NBC Saturday Mornings in the early '80s just so I didn't miss a minute of Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends on the other side, or waking up extra early on weekday mornings and sneaking downstairs to watch He-Man or Robotech or whatever. I feel bad that my kids, whose concept of TV is basically "I want to watch Rocky & Bullwinkle!" and bam, it's there, will never experience that pins-and-needles anticipation in quite the same way. Of course, as John Cheese at Cracked points out, the slow extinction of time-based TV viewing patterns is just one of several things that ensures our kids will continue to not get us (and vice-versa, I suppose).

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