Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Arch of Darkness

While it's a trend that's been playing out on cinema and TV screens for awhile now, I think it was when I saw the trailer for the upcoming Red Riding Hood flick, with its heightened, moody ambience and comically foreboding tagline ("Believe the legend. Beware the wolf."), that it really kicked in for me how ridiculous the current vogue of updating children's stories for modern sensibilities has gotten.

Granted, the original folktale does involve the brutal murder of an old lady by a wild animal, but somehow the notion of telling us about the "real" Red Riding Hood, with the comely Amanda Seyfriend menaced by a horrible forest creature, strikes me as taking the twin trends of darkening and deconstruction one bridge too far. I think that's why this parody trailer for a proposed adaptation of the Archie comics -- filtered through the same dark lens and dragging an already absurd practice to its most absurd conclusion -- is so brilliant. Very, very funny.

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