Sunday, March 27, 2011

Amy Adams is Superman's Girlfriend

While director Zack Snyder's new film Sucker Punch was coolly received by critics and debuted in a disappointing second place this weekend, that hasn't stopped the anticipation for his Superman reboot one bit, and I have a feeling the anticipation will only increase with today's fresh news, courtesy of Hero Complex, that multiple Oscar-nominee Amy Adams has snagged the iconic role of intrepid girl reporter Lois Lane (a.k.a. Mrs. Superman). In the early goings, there was some question about whether the Henry Cavill-starrer would feature Lois at all, but it's hard to imagine Superman without Lois too far behind. Even TV's Smallville, set in Clark Kent's pre-Metropolis years, should have ruled out any possibility of the character appearing, but lo and behold, she showed up (played by the terrific Erica Durance) in the show's fourth year, and has stuck around for the duration.

With the selection of an actress of Adams' stature to fill the role in Snyder's film, it not only adds to an already-impressive roster of players, but it pretty much confirms that Lois Lane will play an integral part in the genesis of this Superman. This is extremely welcome news to me, as the horribly miscast, too-young Lois played by Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns five years ago was probably the domino that tipped that whole enterprise over. Then again, I thought '70s-'80s Lois Margot Kidder was pretty badly miscast as well, so maybe Bosworth's presence was just another example of director Bryan Singer's slavish devotion to the Donner-Lester-Reeve series. While the Durance version is probably my all-time favorite portrayal of Lois (not counting the Dana Delany-voiced '90s animated version), Adams' casting is so perfect that she's well positioned to snatch the crown and keep it.

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Hana said...

It's gonna be hard seeing Amy Adams as Lois for me just because Lois can be a smart *** a lot of the time. x.x