Monday, February 14, 2011

Simply Amazing

Exactly one month ago I posted the first pic Andrew Garfield all duded up in his Spider-Man finest for Sony's upcoming reboot film, minus the trademark mask. While we waited for that key element, a whole mess of paparazzi shots made their way online depicting either Garfield or a stunt double in various stages of derring-do during the Spider-Man filming. I didn't want to post any of those here, as I figured I'd wait it out until another official pic was released, and that patience has been rewarded with this terrific shot of (one assumes) Garfield posed in appropriate Spidey fashion:
I really like it. I've been keeping somewhat abreast of various comments in fanboy circles, including some frustration about tweaks to the traditional costume, as well as the bewildering complaint that the pattern on the suit is too symmetrical and not "webby" enough -- talk about there being no pleasing some people! -- but I just don't see enough here to make a stink about it. For the average person on the street, it's still very distinctively Spider-Man, and honestly that's good enough for me as well.

Also of note, Sony revealed the flick's official title today: The Amazing Spider-Man.

Again, I like it. A nice way to signal that this stands apart from the Sam Raimi trilogy while also indicating a back-to-basics approach to the material. As of now, I'm definitely a lot more interested in catching this one when it hits theaters in July of '12 than I was back when it was first announced.


Sabir Pirzada said...

This looks incredible!

Zaki said...

No, no, that's the Hulk.

mezba said...

It does look good but I don't get it why the franchise needed to be rebooted?


Zaki said...

I agree that they probably didn't need to reboot it, but then again I felt the same way about Bond, and CASINO ROYALE totally proved me wrong, so I'm cautiously optimistic.

MooseNinja said...

My only hope is that they go into this with the mindset of setting up a NEW Spider-Man universe.

No one liked part 3, so I really hope this doesn't feel like they're trying to make up for it.

The Raimi trilogy was OUR Spidey. This one looks more geared for the tweeny Facebook generation.

Plus, Garfield sounds like kind of a twat in interviews.

I don't know what point I'm trying to make.

The pic looks a'ight.