Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Next Degradation

Back when I went through and did my retro reviews of the Star Trek flicks, when I got to movie number seven, Star Trek Generations, I made the argument that the franchise lost something fundamental when it shifted its focus from the '60s-era crew of Kirk, Spock, et al, to the cast of syndicated sequel The Next Generation.  I took some flack for that assertion (which I reiterated here) given how much success the show achieved and how long a shadow it cast over Trek's long history, but it's an argument that seems to have gained a lot more traction recently, especially in light of the considerable success achieved by JJ Abrams' reboot, and it's echoed by SpinOff's Graeme McMillan, who lists "Ten Things To Hate About Star Trek: The Next Generation." Don't agree with all of 'em (and I certainly don't hate the show), but a lot of the criticism, like the show clearly being a product of its time, or being "offensively inoffensive," is pretty spot-on.

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