Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Cavill's Caped Competition

Once his Super-casting was announced last weekend, Henry Cavill went from little known British thesp to one of the most searched names on Google faster than a speeding bullet.  While much of the conversation thus far has focused on Cavill's actorly bona fides (which are considerable), another interesting story that's emerged is how close the actor came to donning the cape and tights once before, back when director McG was attached to helm a script by JJ Abrams (yep, that JJ Abrams). This was just after Brett Ratner departed (along with his choice, White Collar's Matt Bomer), and well before Bryan Singer came aboard and reshaped the movie in Richard Donner's image -- to less-than-soaring results.

Now, before you think the McG version would have been better than what we actually got with Superman Returns, especially with the do-no-wrong Abrams drafting the story, think again.  First of all, this is a script that hinged on a Krypton that didn't explode, and presented a Superman who was a prophesied descendant of royalty hidden away on Earth.  Plus, it featured the big third act twist of CIA agent Lex Luthor being revealed as the other Kryptonian who'd been hiding on Earth. Heck, don't take my word for it, see for yourself. Really, when you think about, with all the detours through development hell the Superman franchise has gone through, from Donner and Lester to Burton to Singer to Snyder, it's a wonder any movies get made at all.

As far as the McG iteration, while it's possible that Abrams might have been able to tweak it in rewrites, this is still the same McG who took a big steamer on the Terminator franchise two summers ago, so it's likely that we (and Cavill) dodged a bullet. I say "likely" because the proof of that will only be known once we see what the current Super-team ends up with. After all, based on the names involved, you'd have thought Superman Returns had it all put together, and we all know how that turned out.  For a look at some of the production work that went into the McG version of the flick, click over to Bleeding Cool, and for a look at who Cavill beat out for the part this time around (including, again, Matt Bomer), check out the Hollywood Reporter story here.

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