Sunday, February 06, 2011

Captain America in Action!

As promised on Friday, and fresh from its debut mere moments ago, here's the very sweet Captain America Super Bowl spot. In addition to revealing the process that transforms scrawny Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) into the musclebound embodiment of the American Dream (as overseen by Scientist Stanley Tucci and General Tommy Lee Jones) and seeing "The First Avenger" in action with his trademark shield, we also get our first very brief glimpse of Hugo Weaving as Cap's eternal nemesis The Red Skull. Nice.

And for a look at the Super Bowl spots for Thor and Cowboys & Aliens (the latter of which got the jump on the competition by hitting the web just before the game), click past the jump. Both build nicely on the promise of what we've already seen, and signal what'll (hopefully!) be a fun summer movie season.


cease ill said...

This was a much better spot than some wanted to credit, IMO. It DOES convey the point of the character. This commercial's possibly NOT as exciting as that Thor commercial...and frankly, we were really blown away by the visceral Cowboys and Aliens experience (which of course has the additional blessing of star-power!)

I've been concentrating on original story content, but I actually have had other good ideas to write and just skipped so my story would be unbroken---all for an epilogue that needs two lines, which I'm trying to tie into Egypt in a non-embarrassing, reaching way :-D

Rob Roy said...

I think the Cap movie is going to surprise everyone. It's going to be a total crowd-pleaser, but also a total fan-pleaser.

I predict it to be one of those rare gems of a newer movie where it feels like you're watching an old classic.

cease ill said...

Cannot wait for U.S. Office of War Information newsreels! Originally there were 267 of them, btw.