Saturday, January 29, 2011

Temecula Mosque Update

You may remember waaaay back in August when the Park51 furor was burning white hot that another mosque controversy had been ignited to slightly less fanfare in the small town of Temecula, CA.  After local Muslims announced plans to build a center to accomodate the needs of their growing congregation, the usual combo platter of hatred-paranoia-ignorance reared its ugly head, and even led some of the local troglodytes to devise the novel plan of scaring off the big bad Muslims by singing songs while holding dogs.  Seriously, I'm not making that up.  And, of course, who could forget protester Diane Serafin and her perplexing "I'm not prejudiced against Muslims because I was nice to a gay person one time" line of defense?  Surely, Temecula's best and brightest.  Anyway, the saga of the Temecula mosque reached something of a denouement this past week, with the city council voting unanimously to allow the project to continue unimpeded.  That didn't stop a whole buch of hilarity from ensuing during that final council meeting though, and Talking Points Memo has all the depressing (but ultimately uplifting) details.

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