Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Saga Concludes!

Just in time to help us to ring in the new year, filmmaker Mike Stoklasa is back, along with his sociopathic alter ego Harry Plinkett, to conclude his feature-length dissections of the Star Wars prequel trilogy.  If you thought the Attack of the Clones video review from last April was time intensive, this one is his longest yet -- a massive hour and forty-five minutes!  While I enjoyed Revenge of the Sith at the time it came out, and still consider it the strongest of the three prequels, I've always couched that praise in terms of it being the best movie it could be given the two that came before it, and the fact remains that the original three are ultimately weakened rather deepened by the existence of their newer siblings.  Plinkett pretty much cements this viewpoint for me, scoring his usual points on the demonstrated deficiencies both in content and technique (I especially like the Citizen Kane mashup).  Check out part one below, and two and three after the jump:

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