Friday, January 07, 2011


I've seen Tron Legacy twice now -- once in 3D, and once as the first theater experience of my four-year old (which, appropriately enough, is the the same age I was when I saw the original Tron lo those many years ago).  I was desperately hoping to have a full review posted to the site in something resembling a timely manner, but the holiday crunch coupled with end-of-semester grading kept pushing it further and further back until I had to grudgingly admit that it probably wasn't going to happen (maybe for the home video window!).  The short version though: I loved it the first time, and loved it slightly more the second time.  Not perfect, mind you -- there are some narrative shortcuts and creative cul-de-sacs that probably could have been avoided -- but it's impossible not to appreciate how much creative ideation the filmmakers managed to pack in.

It's visually lush, emotionally poignant, and mentally stimulating.  In other words, my kind of movie experience.  Now, how much that view is colored by my lifelong fondness for the original I leave to you to determine, but Massawyrm over at AICN has just posted a lengthy treatise on the film delving into the vast richness of the ideas it ponders that not only touches on and reaffirms many of the same impressions I had, but also brought some new points to my attention that I hadn't previously considered.  All of this only further cements my view of Tron Legacy as a work of remarkable insight.  If you haven't seen the movie yet, I'm not sure how much you want to be spoiled by his analysis, but it's definitely worth a read -- either before or after you watch it (which hopefully you will soon).

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