Wednesday, January 19, 2011

LOLA Gets Benched

Well, it looks like the various behind-the-scenes tooling and retooling at Law & Order: Los Angeles will have a little bit more time to settle down, as the series' hiatus, planned to end February 8, has now been extended indefinitely.  Per NBC, the official reason for the move is a desire not to upset the apple cart after a better than expected performance from the net's Parenthood, currently airing in the Tuesdays/10 PM slot that LOLA was expected to occupy, and solid ratings from David E. Kelley's Harry's Law, which currently has the Mondays/10 PM slot that Parenthood was expected to move into.

The notion of "good ratings" is something that's been alien to NBC for several seasons now, so the fact that they now have several shows performing solidly must seem like they've caught lightning in a bottle, and since the Law & Order franchise has mostly been a reliable performer wherever and whenever they've slotted it onto the schedule, it makes sense to hold the retooled show in reserve.  No idea when we can expect Los Angeles to return with its back twelve, but I'd expect it'll be sometime in March, allowing for an uninterrupted block of new episodes before the TV season comes to a close in May.

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