Friday, January 14, 2011

Ghost of a Chance

As we've seen just over the last year, the long-promised third Ghostbusters movie is becoming the '80s franchise equivalent of the white whale.  The last time we checked, star Bill Murray said it wasn't going to happen, then other-star Dan Aykroyd said it was going to happen, then director Ivan Reitman essentially said he didn't know what was going to happen.  Meanwhile, Ernie Hudson is sitting by the phone juuust in case.  Of course, the key fact underlying any Ghostbusters 3 discussion is that it doesn't matter how many of the series' stars line up for a return engagement, because if the notoriously persnickety Murray decides that Dr. Peter Venkman has hung up his proton pack for good, then that's the ballgame. I can't imagine a scenario where the studio would go ahead with a Murray-less Ghostbusters that wasn't a total reboot (and, like I've said before, don't think for a second that Sony isn't giving that idea serious consideration).  Proving that point, Deadline's Michael Fleming has conducted his own lengthy analysis of the Ghostbusters 3 logjam and arrived at a similar calculus.

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Ricky Shambles said...

I've been following this as closely as you can follow shadows in the rumor-mill. Technically, the third installment of accepted Ghostbuster Canon was the video game that came out for the 360, PS3, & Wii. Either way, I'd be there opening night for whatever you call the next live action film :)